Sharecare, your wellness program vendor, provides comprehensive well-being and incentive programs for SHBP members. As you complete wellness activities, you will earn points in your Health Incentive Account to help offset your medical expenses. HDHP members must meet a portion of the deductible before well-being points may be used. 

In 2022, you and your covered spouse are each eligible to receive a well-being reward of up to 480 well-being incentive points (960 family total) as long as you complete the activities between January 1, 2022 and November 30, 2022. Enrolled members can choose to redeem well-being incentive points for a $150 Visa gift card or 480 incentive points to be used for eligible medical / pharmacy expenses. 

You and your spouse may earn a combined total of up to 960 in Wellbeing Incentive points in 2022.  Incentive points will rollover in 2022, regardless of the option selected for the new year.

High Deductible Health plan members must meet a portion of your deductible before you are able to use your well-being incentive points. You must meet $1,350 for individual coverage and $2,700 for dependent coverage before wellness points are available.  UnitedHealthcare is matching the first 240 in well-being incentive points for employees and spouses.

Please refer to the State Health Benefit Plan Decision Guide or access www.bewellshbp.com for additional details. Download the Sharecare App today to complete activities or redeem well-being incentive points. 

Steps to Wellness

Well-being incentive points are earned for completing activities during the plan year.  Below are the steps to take to start earning!

  1. Real Age Test: A confidential, online questionnaire about your health - 120 points
  2. Biometric Screening: Assesses your health - 120 points
  3. Take Action with Coaching or Online Pathway: Phone coaching can earn you 60 points for one call in a calendar month up to 4 times / year.  Online Pathways can earn you up to 120 points within a 90 day period.  You can complete two events, for a maximum of 240 points.

Redemption Options

Employees and covered spouses can redeem 480 well-being incentive points in one of two ways:

  • A $150 Visa Reward Card that can be used anywhere Visa is accepted (expires one year after redemption)   


  • 480 well-being incentive credits towards eligible medical and pharmacy expenses 


Members need to go to the ShareCare website to choose the redemption option preferred.  If members select to use the credits towards eligible expenses, the HMO reimbursement is done by check, and HRA credits are used at the point of service.