There are two dental plans available through MetLife: Low and High.  Both plan options include preventive care at 100% (no deductible) and two cleanings per calendar year. The Low Plan only includes coverage for preventive and basic restorative services. The High Plan includes coverage for orthodontia for children and major restorative services.  


Important Notes

  • Orthodontia is only available on the High Plan for dependent children up to age 26 (excluded on Low Plan). 
  • The deductible is waived for preventive care; the annual maximums differ depending on plan selected.
  • Members utilizing participating dentists enjoy discounted dental fees in addition to protection from balance billing for charges above the amount allowed.  Members utilizing non-participating dentists have the same benefits but may be subject to balance billing.  You have to pay at time of service and submit a claim to MetLife for reimbursement.
    • To reduce your out-of-pocket costs and prevent balance billing, you are encouraged to use in-network dentists. Visit to locate participating dentists.  Select “PDP Plus” dental network.  Please refer to the Benefits Summary below for complete details.


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