Group Legal

Life is full of legal situations. Some you plan for, like creating a will, and others are more unexpected, like fighting a traffic ticket or getting your deposit back from a difficult landlord. Legal insurance makes it affordable to get the legal help you need: network attorney fees are 100% paid-in-full for most covered matters. The ARAG legal plan helps includes office and telephonic advice with an attorney for a variety of personal legal problems.


How Does Legal Insurance Work?


  • Call when you have a legal matter.
  • Customer Care will walk you through your options and help you find the appropriate Network Attorney.
  • Meet with your Network Attorney over the phone or in person to begin resolving your legal issue.


Available Coverages

  • Consumer Protection  |  Criminal Matters 
  • Debt-Related Matters |  Driving Matters 
  • Tax Issues  |  Family (including adoption / divorce)
  • Landlord / Tenant Issues  |  Real Estate & Home Ownership 
  • Wills and Estate Planning 


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Legal Videos: What is Legal Insurance?  |  All About Your ARAG Legal Insurance Webinar

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