Group Legal

Life is full of legal situations. Some you plan for, like creating a will, and others are more unexpected – like fighting a traffic ticket or getting your deposit back from a difficult landlord.  Legal insurance makes it affordable to get the legal help you need: network attorney fees are 100% paid-in-full for most covered matters. 

The ARAG legal plan helps cover the costs of legal expenses associated with a variety of needs, and includes office and telephonic advice with an attorney for personal legal problems. 

The ARAG legal plan includes coverage for divorce in both contested and uncontested proceedings, and allows members to go directly to a participating attorney for services. Emergency service with an attorney is available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.


Premium Information

Important Documents

Telephonic and office consultations are available on a variety of matters including:

  • Family law
  • Real Estate and estate planning
  • Financial issues
  • Traffic offenses
  • And more


We encourage you to take the time to evaluate your current needs and learn more about the new ARAG legal plan. 

How Does Legal Insurance Work?

  1.  Call when you have a legal matter.
  2.  Customer Care will walk you through your options and help you find the appropriate Network Attorney.
  3. Meet with your Network Attorney over the phone or in person to begin resolving your legal issue.

Legal Resources for All Employees 

  • How-To Resources: caregiving, debt collection, estate planning, hiring / working with a contractor, managing legal / financial responsibilities surrounding the death of a loved one, tenant’s guidebook to renting property
  • Law guide: collection of articles on legal topics
  • LawExpresso Newsletter, Legal Glossary, Legal Links, and Personal Information Organizer 

Available Coverages

 Consumer Protection 

✔ Auto repair 

✔ Buy or sell a car 

✔ Consumer fraud 

✔ Consumer protection for goods or services 

✔ Home improvement 

✔ Personal property disputes 

✔ Small claims court

Criminal Matters 

✔ Juvenile 

✔ Parental responsibility

Debt-Related Matters 

✔ Debt collection 

✔ Garnishments 

✔ Personal bankruptcy 

✔ Student loan debt

Driving Matters 

✔ License suspension/revocation 

✔ Traffic tickets

Tax Issues 

✔ IRS tax audit 

✔ IRS tax collection


✔ Adoption 

✔ Guardianship/conservatorship 

✔ Name change 

✔ Pet-related matters 

✔ Divorce

Landlord/Tenant Issues 

✔ Contracts/lease agreements 

✔ Eviction 

✔ Security deposit 

✔ Disputes with a landlord

Real Estate & Home Ownership 

✔ Buying a home 

✔ Deeds 

✔ Foreclosure 

✔ Contractor issues 

✔ Neighbor disputes 

✔ Promissory notes 

✔ Real estate disputes 

✔ Selling a home

Wills & Estate Planning 

✔ Powers of attorney 

✔ Wills

Legal Videos

Click the links below to view videos on the available ARAG legal plan: 

What is Legal Insurance? 

All About Your ARAG Legal Insurance Webinar