Identity Theft

Colquitt County Schools offers Identity Theft Protection through Equifax ID Watchdog. Your identity includes more than your Social Security Number and bank accounts and the Identity Protection Plan does more than monitor your credit reports and scores. It safeguards your personal information and the data you share and gives you the tools and protection to monitor activity, stop identity theft early, and resolve it quickly.  Most victims only discover they have a problem when they are denied credit or receive bills for items never ordered.


ID Theft Protection is designed to help you protect your personal and financial information, but also regain control should identity theft occur.  Trained counselors walk you through the process of remediating any damage. They can help you write letters to creditors and debt collectors, place a freeze on your credit report to prevent an identity thief from opening new accounts in your name, and guide you through the restoration process.


The Equifax ID Watchdog protection plan has extensive protection for you and your family. Benefits include, but are not limited to:


  • Tri-Bureau Credit Monitoring  |  Rapid Credit Alerts
  • Monthly Credit Score Tracking  |  Credit Report Disputes and Freeze Assistance
  • Social Network Alerts  |  Registered Sex Offender Reporting
  • 100% Fully Managed Resolution up to $1M


Carrier Information: Equifax ID Watchdog -  |  (866) 513-1518

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